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Are you a messenger?

A Note From Neale Donald Walsch


My dear friends,

If you feel that you have a "message" deep inside of you that you yearn to share with the world, but just don't know how...or even what, specifically, that "message" is...are you going to be happy to read this!

My friend Robert Evans with the Messenger Network has been helping messengers over the past couple years find unique and powerful ways to discover and share their message, and now I am going to be joining Robert in one of his most exciting projects ever: The Movement of Change.

I'm participating with Robert in this project for two reasons: First, because it aligns perfectly with the CWG teaching that we are all messengers, with our lives giving us wonderful opportunities to bring a message of oneness, hope, and love into the world. Second, because this project is about writing and publishing little spiritual mini-books, and that is a wonderful way to place into the world a really BIG message!

That's right! This program is about how you can become a true messenger, creating a unique way that can move the message that burns within your heart to the hearts of others.

Here's what I love about this project:

It will focus on you finding and sharing your message, not on becoming a huge successful author. That could happen, of course, but that is certainly not the point or the main focus. The point of the program is to activate what Conversations with God says: if you touch the lives of only a handful of other people with a message of oneness and love, you will have made an incredible gift of your entire life here on earth. And, of course, this program will allow you to touch many more than just a tiny handful; it will allow you to reach many hundreds. Perhaps even many thousands.

Since I came on board, over 100 authors have joined the program and 95% of those authors have completed the first phase of writing their mini-book. Most have moved into the publishing process and many are now starting to share their message with the world through the Movement's 12-month marketing phase.

Here is a link to a page of book covers of some of the books that have come from this program:

The Movement of Change program aims to create a huge "moment" in our world where "change" will be produced in the lives of many, many others---one person at a time.

  • The program walks you through the entire process of writing and publishing your own small booklet, and then connecting its readers to an amazing online environment that deepens the message in the book through audio, video, still images, additional text, and a powerful workbook system.

  • It's not just a program in which you participate on your own. It is a global movement involving many Messengers sharing a collective goal: to send one million positive messages into the world.

  • It's not a short-term program, but one from which you will gain maximum benefit as you move through a process with myself, Robert, his team, as well as other Mini-Book authors, over a period of 14 months. We want to make sure we have plenty of time to teach you everything we know about the writing process, the publishing process, the best and most effective ways to use the internet, and the most powerful approaches to marketing your book once you have it printed and in your hands.

  • We also want to have time to explore with you how you can ultimately use your book as a platform for the message that lives within you to come forth in other really amazing ways.

I love this idea and I'm working with Robert to publish a couple of my own Mini-Books, and will soon be publishing my first one and connecting it to the amazing on-line technology that is part of this program.

Now let me tell you exactly how I'll be involved in The Movement of Change with you:

  • Robert and I have just produced a really great 2-hour program on being a spiritual author in which you can hear tips and suggestions from me on writing, publishing, and having your book represent your message and yourself as a messenger in the most effective way. This presentation, in both audio and video form, will be a part of your program. It will be split into 14 parts and delivered to you over the course of the journey you'll go on.

  • Every three months I'll hold a conference call with the authors in the movement to support them on their journey of writing and sharing their book.

  • I'll send you a copy of my own first Messenger Mini-Book so you can see how I've decided to use this wonderful idea and terrific technology to further my message.

AND...on top of what I'll be offering, you'll get amazing value from Robert and his team, such as:

  • An 8-CD home study program on the Messenger Mini-Book idea for you to use as a guide for writing and publishing your current and future mini-books

  • An online author account to create an unlimited number of online environments for your message(s)

  • A 30 day, 20 audio clip program in which Robert walks you through every step needed to write your mini-book in 30-days. The last time a group of authors went through this 30-day journey, 95% of the authors completed their book.

  • A recorded webinar showing you how to create the most powerful online environment

  • A chance to make a commitment to your writing journey and then, once you meet the goal of writing your book in 30-days, the reward of a marketing package that promotes your book in many different ways including it being published in a catalog that will go out to 1,000 book stores.

  • Writing and publishing support calls from Robert and his team throughout the first two phases of the journey

  • And... once your book is published, you'll get 52 weeks of marketing tips on how to get your book out into the world and truly be a part of the One Million Messages movement.

I know this is a lot to share in this email, so let me leave you with where we started...if you have the feeling that you have a message that is ready to come out through a book and want to be a part of a collective movement of other authors with the same desire, then click the link below and learn all about this Movement of Change!

Here is the link:







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