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Be The Change

The New Spirituality empowers each of us to find our own unique way to


The 12 Spheres of Life are 12 themes/sectors that together represent the whole living, dynamic, and evolving body/system of human society – all of its parts being in relationship with one another; inevitably being interconnected and interdependent through its diverse values and cultures. These spheres also represent the way in which society functions and how it is structured.

Please keep in mind that it is inevitable that some of these themes will overlap one another, and that this does not matter in the least in the greater scheme of things. Here at HTNZ, for the most part, the following pages are excerpts and quotes from the Conversations with God material and overtime we will add to these.


"The world you have created may soon be uncreated by the lot of you if you ignore your world much longer, allowing it to go its way while you go yours, involved only in your own day to day experiences and playing little part in seeking to co-create the larger experiences around you.

Look at the world around you. Feel your passion. Your passion will tell you what part of the world , you wish to re-create anew. Then use the tools you have been given to begin that re-creation. Use the tools of your own society. Those tools include, religion, education, politics and economics, to name a few.

Do not imagine that spirituality and politics do no mix. Politics IS spirituality, demonstrated.

Do not imagine that economics has nothing to do with spirituality. Your economy reveals your spirituality.

Do not think that education and spirituality can, or should be separate. For what you teach is who you are and if that is not spirituality, then what is?

And do not imagine that religion and spirituality are not one and the same. Spirituality is that which builds a bridge between the body, the mind and the soul. All true religions build a bridge, not a wall.

So be the builder of bridges. Close the gaps that have formed between religion, between cultures, between races, and between nations. Honour your home in the universe, and be its good steward. Protect your environment and save it. Renew your resources and share them.

End your divisions and your rivalries, your competitions and your battles, your wars and all you killing forever. END IT! Put an end to it. All civilized societies finally do"

Passage from COMMUNION WITH GOD - Neale Donald Walsch







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