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Thirty Four Core Concepts

The concepts in Conversations with God Book 1 are extraordinary and breathtaking. Some are simple, some are complex. All are incisive, cutting to the core of the human experience, striking at the heart of our human core belief systems, and driving right to the point of human life itself.

There are 34 core concepts around which the book's message revolves.

  1. God is communicating with us all the time

  2. Feeling is the language of the Soul

  3. Thought, Word and Deed are the three levels of creation

  4. There are only two Sponsoring Thoughts: fear and love

  5. In the absence of that which your are not, that which you areā€¦.is not

  6. There is no such thing as "right" and "wrong"

  7. What you fear, you attract

  8. God is Life, and the Stuff Life is

  9. God needs nothing, and therefore requires nothing from us

  10. God talks to everyone

  11. Human beings consist of three distinct energies

  12. All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it

  13. All conditions are temporary. Nothing stays the same. Which way a thing changes depends on you

  14. The purpose of the soul is evolution

  15. You are who you think you are. You are your own thoughts about yourself, made manifest

  16. Life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation

  17. God commands no one

  18. What you resist persists

  19. Passion is not expectation, and expectation is not passion

  20. Suffering is not necessary

  21. You need no God

  22. All relationship is holy

  23. Your purpose in life is to decide and to declare, to express and to experience Who You Really Are; this is the purpose of ALL of life; that is evolution

  24. Relationships work best when you always do what is best for you

  25. You are a messenger

  26. You are the truth

  27. God's love is unconditional

  28. There's enough

  29. You are a human being

  30. To want something is to push it away from you

  31. Your life is not about your body

  32. Your health is your creation

  33. You are part of the body of god

  34. All of life is a conversation with God






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