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Get Connected, Get Involved

Thank you for showing interested in getting involved with Humanity's Team New Zealand. Humanity's Team is a movement. A Movement of individuals, groups and organisations. Do whatever it is that inspires you, and if you are not sure what inspires you, then make finding that your current inspiration. The Humanity's Team Wordwide site has some great ideas of ways to get involved.

If there is a specific way you would like to contribute to Humanity's Team New Zealand, please contact us.

What About Membership?
Humanity's Team membership requires nothing more than living these beliefs. It's people must ever remain unlabelled and free to work as they see fit. We do this by connecting with and supporting each other in the many endeavours or practices that reflect our mission to create change by raising awareness that We Are All One.

How Can I Contribute?
As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be The Change you wish to see in the world". Living The New Spirituality, living Your Life, is contributing.


Online Communities

Humanity's Team is a wordwide movement, and what better way to get in contact with so many people than through the internet.

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