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Humanity's Team
Humanity's Team International
The Global Oneness Project is exploring how the radically simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in our increasingly complex world.
The Group of 1000
A group of Humanity's Team members commited to making a difference.
School of The New Spirituality
Read about The School of The New Spirituality.
New Spirituality Network
Have inspirational quotes emailed to you daily.
Recreation Foundation
The ReCreation Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation created by Nancy and Neale Donald Walsch to address the overwhelming response from people around the world who desire to do something tangible to spread the message of Conversations with God. In order to help people 'be the change they wish to see', the Foundation has created retreats, activities and programs that allow people to use this message to change both their own lives and the world at large.
Complimentary Organisations
Global Oneness Project
The Global Oneness Project is exploring how the radically simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in our increasingly complex world
Transition Towns
Transition Towns - bringing people together out of a desire to explore how we - and our communities - can respond to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil.
Peace Team
The message is very similar to much of Humanity's team.
Belief Net
A melting-pot of many faiths and traditions.
Spiritual Emergence
A New Zealand spiritual resource site. Lots of great information
Personal Growth & Development
Brakthrough to Success FREE Ticket To BTS
Experience a Wealth and Power weekend with Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard is one of the world's leading authorities on the psychology of wealth and accelerated personal achievement. Described as "The Richard Branson of personal and professional development", Chris is an electrifying speaker who has capitvated audiences worldide. Free New Zealand & Australian tickets (click on the banner above).
One of the most amazing and easiest ways to mediate, hundreds of thousands of people in over 172 countries have used Holosync® to make dramatic improvements in their lives.
Embracing Change
Why is it so hard to change, and how do I make it sustainable? How do I create a relationship that works which isn't just another recreation of my past? How can I be more authentic and create meaningful connections?
Ultimate Edge
A web site promoting the Anthony Robbins Get The Edge programme. A fantastic coaching tool if you really want to move from procrastination to action in quick time.
Other Recommended Websites
Conversations The Game
A game based on the teachings from the Conversation with God books.
Wisdom Flash
A fantastic site with access to free wisdom flashes. Be sure to try the Journey wisdom flash by Neale Donald Walsch it is truly inspirational.
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